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Mind-Blown Mondays: China Now Has World’s First Walking and Texting Street Lane

Forget bike lanes, Chongqing city in China is already addressing the concern of smartphone addiction with… (more)

Theatric Thursday: A Thief, A Kid, and a Killer? Time for another Vancouver Asian Film Festival Feature

Filipino-American director Nathan Adolfson’s provides an unbelievably smart and witty script that includes plenty of laugh-out-loud moments… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Noughts and Exes – Hearts

I’m always on the lookout for indie artists in Asia. I was on the Internet when I… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Avant-Garde Menswear by Shinya Yamaguchi (VFW)

Images Credits: Vancouver Fashion Week Vancouver isn’t known for being the most fashionable place on the… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Tuna and Salmon? How About Horse-Meat Sushi?

You know the expression “I could eat a horse”? Well now you can (in Japan)! Only… (more)

Theatrical Thursday: The Maze Runner entices audiences with more than just cardio

Image Credit: The Maze Runner If you’ve been meaning to add more cardio into your training… (more)

Airplane Wednesdays: All bow down to “Princess Zi Wei” – Taiwanese Actress Ruby Lin

Back in the days when Qiong Yao’s Princess Returning Pearl was the hottest thing in Asia,… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Rain – Marilyn Monroe

Good news for Korean drama fans! The King of K-pop makes his first drama comeback after… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Transitioning into Fall Fashion

While the weather may have you fooled, the autumn season is indeed on its swift way… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Japanese Gummy Bugs Are Scarily Lifelike

Eating bugs is considered a delicacy in some cultures. I haven’t had the pleasure of consuming any… (more)