Why gamblers get high even when they lose?


Why gamblers get high even when they lose?

There is one thing that is common in every addiction and this is not the symptoms but the release of dopamine. This is responsible o opening the various sections of the brain that activates the reward system in the body. The effect comes in lace when you gamble. For example, suppose that you ate a chips packet, it will make you believe that it is good irrespective of the fact whether you need it or not. Gambling can be addictive and the ways to assess that addiction is different as there will be no physical symptoms.

Gamblers Still Get High From Losing:

There have been many experiments on the topic and many types of research have established that when the gambler places his bet, there are various sections of the brain that get activated and when he wins he feels a different emotion. Many fractions of the brain get activated and there is a sudden adrenaline rush. They were able to establish that this is the same thing that happens when he loses. These same areas get activated which makes the player sense the same feelings in his body. This creates an illusion of feeling even though there is none or makes them believe that they are close to winning. The feelings are identical and that’s what convinces them to goon even if they lose.


Placing a bet:

Casinos are designed in such a way that it is hard to navigate without jumping into various games. Whether it is a land-based casino or an online casino, there is a lot that goes into designing a casino. The act of bet is not an isolated act, but a coordinated one and many factors convince the player to place the bet even though they don’t care who wins. They are not interested in the outcome but the fact that games are fun and they are used to the habit of placing their bets. This puts them in a weak position as they will not think about the games and just wager the money. There is an addiction that comes into play where players have addicted the game and don’t mind losing as long as they are allowed to play. There have been many pieces of research that have established that the casino games play an important role and the design is what adds to the overall behavior.


If there is an addiction, there are a lot of ways to stop it. If you go on playing like this, you can’t win. So the best is to keep the habit to a minimum and dedicate your time to other activities. If you can relinquish your extra money to someone you trust.



The first thing about gambling you must understand is that if you are not interested, then you won’t win. Getting addicted is not a good thing, you will play for the fun of it. As long as your head is in the game, you will have fair chances at winning.

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