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Mind-Blown Mondays: Japanese Guy Covered in Mentos Jumps Into Tub of Coke Zero

What happens when you tape mentos to yourself and jump into a bathtub full of coke

Airplane Wednesdays: Inspirational Beauty Guru, Lindy Tsang (Bubzbeauty)

Lindy Tsang, or better known as “Bubzbeauty” on Youtube, has become a familiar role model for many

Airplane Wednesdays: Jenn Im, Korean-American fashionista of “Clothes Encounters”

She is a popular Korean-American Youtube fashion icon. She is…..Jenn Im of Clothes Encounter. A Los

Cathy Nguyen is Engaged!

On behalf of AX3, we’re ever so excited to extend a huge congratulations to Cathy Nguyen

Director Andrew Chung Returns to Vancouver with Millions, from YouTube to the Big Screen

YouTube’s viral power can change a career.  Just look at Andrew Chung’s Millions.  After honing his

Chinese Makeup Guru Lets Her Boyfriend Apply Her Makeup with His Feet

YouTube video tags are a dime a dozen and there are so many that exist I

Seven Things to Do Before Death Sparks Viral Outrage in Hong Kong

Fear turned to outrage in Hong Kong as a a video went viral showing a girl

Chopstick Brothers Back Again with Emotionally Charged Short Film “Father”

The Chopstick Brothers (筷子兄弟) are back again, this time with another classic online movie called Fathers