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Thursday Tunes: Leon Lai – Sugar In The Marmalade

It’s Thursday, meaning its time for a classic song from Asia for this weeks #dailycharge. I

Thursday Tunes L’Arc En Ciel – Ready Steady Go!

This week’s #dailycharge Thursday Tunes celebrates the 20th anniversary of L’arc~en~Ciel. We bring you one of

Thursday Tunes: FIR – Lydia

This week’s #dailycharge Thursday Tunes features the Taiwanese pop rock sensation FIR. The song we are

Thursday Tunes: hide – Pink Spider

This week’s #dailycharge takes us to Japan. It is unofficially “hide memorial week” in Japan as

Thursday Tunes: MC JIN – Yum Dam Cha (Drink Some Tea)

So with the upcoming MC JIN feature that AX3Battery will feature, this week’s Thursday Tunes is

Thursday Tunes: Do As Infinity – Fukai Mori

This weeks #dailycharge Thursday Tunes takes us back 10 years to Japan. One of my favorite

Thursdays Tunes: SugarClub – I Love Candy

This weeks Thursdays Tunes will feature one group that has been on my playlist for awhile

Thursdays Tunes: Beyond – Hǎi kuò tiān kōng

This week’s #dailycharge will prove to be epic. Arguably one of the defining songs of the