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Confused by Facebook’s IPO? This Bizarre Taiwanese Animation Explains it all!

Mark Zuckerberg riding a bull and impaling investors with its horns? Getting beat up by Uncle

CHARGED Tunes: Hu Xia – Those Years

CHARGED Tunes here once again, this week featuring a young rising icon hailing from China, 胡夏

Phil Lam Vancouver Interview

  In April, AX3 had the opportunity to sit down with New Talent Singing Award Vancouver

CHARGED Tunes: Kimberley Chen – Love You

Who is Kimberley Chen? Born in Melbourne, age 17, she is an upcoming and rising star

BANANE Taipei Year of the Dragon Collection

Banane Taipei has been quite popular because of their printed design of the classic Hermès Birkin Handbag. To celebrate

CLOT x Stussy – First Taiwan Pop-Up Store

Renown street fashion brands CLOT and Stussy have come together once again, this time delivering a

    Show Luo Releases New MV “Count On Me”

    Popular Taiwanese artist Show Luo is often called “Asia’s Dance King” by Taiwanese media. Luo has

    From Hello Kitty to Toilets : Unique Cafe’s across Asia

    For a restaurant to stand out, the criteria is usually graded on the food, service, ambience,