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Chinese Newsreporter to Jeremy Lin: Leave US and play for China

In a recent newspaper article, Xinhua News, the official news agency of the Chinese government, called

    Joey Wong Thanks Fans for Birthday Wishes by Uploading Photo

    January 31st marks the 45th birthday of the Hong Kong cinema goddess, Joey Wong Cho-Yee (王祖賢).

    Taiwan’s Pineapple Cake Shop Gets Creative

    Some of you may have read a post a few days ago about becoming the next

      Ella from S.H.E Will Get Married This Year!

      Breaking News! Taiwanese singer/actress Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) from S.H.E , has just recently announced on her Weibo account

      Airplane Wednesdays: Show Luo

      He is a great singer, dancer and actor; and he’s certainly a great host (T.V) that

      Airplane Wednesdays: Michelle Chen

      Michelle Chen (陳妍希) is definitely the talk of the country! (Well… at least in Taiwan). With

        Where Is The Old Jay Chou? New MV Mine Mine

        Since being rumored to be married, has Jay Chou changed his style? The MV for Mine

          Wang Leehom Releases New MV – Still In Love With You

          Multi-award winner, singer, songwriter, actor and also film director, Wang LeeHom (王力宏) releases his much anticipated