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Who Is Arthur Chu? – The Story Of A New American Hero

Okay, so “hero” might be pushing it a little. But for anyone who religiously follows Jeopardy!

CHARGED tunes: Ian Chen – A Nobody and the Princess

Taiwan really surprises me sometimes. I haven’t seen a lot of Taiwanese dramas compared to Korean

Airplane Wednesdays: Wallace Huo (霍建华)

Wallace Huo should be a familiar name to fans of Mainland and Taiwanese television. At 35,

[Theatric Thursday] Joe Chen’s Breaking the Waves Is Never Too Late

As the saying goes, it’s never too late.   Taiwanese idol queen, Joe Chen (陳喬恩) is entering the

Airplane Wednesdays: The Sweet Voice of Taiwan, Lara (梁心頤)!

Fresh from Lara’s mini-concert hosted at the University of Washington, I thought it would be appropriate to

Airplane Wednesdays: Queen of Taiwanese Idol Drama, Ariel Lin

“This week’s feature is one of my all-time favorites! Ariel Lin is a well-known Taiwanese actress whose specialty

Airplane Wednesdays: Taiwan’s Top Model, Lin Chi Ling (林志玲)

She’s the indisputable top model of Taiwan. Lin Chi Ling’s candy-sweet voice and elegant poise leaves

Mind-Blown Mondays: Taiwanese Artist Makes Awesome Cardboard Models

When you want to follow your passion, don’t let budgetary constraints get in your way. Like