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Mind-Blown Mondays: Fake iPhones Made of Clay Are Being Sold

Normally when you unbox an Apple product, you feel overjoyed that you have a new toy.

Fake iPhone Stoves Seized In China

People all over the world are going crazy for Apple products nowadays, with everyone wanting to

Apple Suspends Iphone 4S Sales In China Over Fear Of Riots

The iPhone 4S has been popular worldwide, selling out quickly in international markets. On January 13th,

Chinese Company Makes Steve Jobs Action Figures

Since his death near the end of last year, Steve Jobs’ left behind him a legacy

Seoul’s Most Wanted Item of 2011: Steve Jobs’ Jeans

Apple products have been successful around the world with everyone demanding an iPad or a Macbook

Chinese Art Student Builds Home-Made iPad for His Girlfriend

What’s the best way to show a girl you love her? Sure, you could always buy

Hong Kong Teen Designs a Worldwide Phenomenon Remembering Steve Jobs

Nineteen year old Jonathan Mak of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University Design School has created a minimalistic,

Steve Jobs Impersonator Sells Taiwanese Tea

From the clothes to the rimless glasses, and even the mannerisms, one Steve Jobs impersonator is