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    Taetiseo Reveals the Differences of Being a Sub-unit & Making of the MV

    The girls of Taetiseo have been causing all the stir in the world of K-pop. Spawned

      The Queens of KPOP are Back: Girls Generation Releases “The Boys”

      For all those patient SONEs, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is back! Having been promoting in Japan earlier

        Successful Second Asian Tour: Girls’ Generation Tour 2011 at Seoul

        The internationally renowned 9-member Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) has successfully held two-day concerts in

          Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s Coming of Age

          In South Korea, when you turn 20, it's considered a coming of age. To celebrate the

            Girls’ Generation Signed as Dior Models

            Ceci Korea recently posted a contest on Twitter for fans to ask beauty questions to the

              CNBlue YongHwa’s Love Song For SNSD SeoHyun

              The We Got Married couple, YongHwa (from CNBlue) and SeoHyun (from SNSD) recently had a task,

                SNSD Seohyun and CNBlue Yonghwa Releases Their Banmal Song

                The Korean couple, Seohyun (서주현) and Yonghwa (정용화), on the reality show, We Got Married (우리

                  20 Korean Idols Sings a New Theme Song for G20 Seoul Summit

                  A theme song has been created for November’s G20 Seoul Summit. 20 Korean idols came together