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YouTubers React to K-POP!

I love watching YouTubers React. Actually, not just YouTubers. I like every one of the different

Throwback Thursdays: 6 YouTubers That Started It All

I actually can’t remember how I came to know about YouTube. I guess it was just

    Ryan Higa Gets Surgery

    Eyeball surgery. In his latest main channel video, Ryan tells us he’s going under the knife

      Ryan Higa’s Superbowl Audition

      In his latest video, Ryan Higa turns us on to the Superbowl (which conveniently happened to

        Ryan Higa in F*** the Police!

        Ryan Higa shows us his bad boy self in his latest video, F*** the Police. How

          Does Ryan Higa Believe in the “END OF THE WORLD!?”

          Welcome to the weekend! Between wondering if we’ll get a white Christmas, frantically shopping for last

            Ryan Higa and Friends Want You to SAVE THE TWINKIES!

            Trust Ryan Higa to stir a serious discussion surrounding the recent events of a specific disappearing

              NigaHiga Explains Why Selena Broke Up With Justin

              For a few weeks now, fans of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been talking about