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Donnie Yen’s Monkey King Looks Like A CGI Overload

Stephen Chow’s Journey To The West isn’t the only take on the classic Chinese folk tale

Tony Jaa Signs On for Fast And Furious 7

Thailand, be proud, as another one of your own has joined the ranks of Hollywood. Tony

Throwback Thursdays: When Jackie Chan Fought Bruce Lee

Kobe vs. Jordan. Superman vs. Batman. The Rock vs. Vin Diesel. If you’re into any type of

From Zero to Hero! Tai-Chi Hero Film Review

Featuring: Jayden Yuan, Angelababy, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eddie Peng, Shao-feng Feng Directed by: Stephen Fung,

First Trailer For Keanu Reeves Man Of Tai Chi Is Awesome!

Matrix star Keanu Reeves has been hard at work in his first time in the director’s

“Ip Man: The Final Fight” Reproduces Life in 1950’s Hong Kong

I hope you haven’t gotten fed up with Ip Man because there doesn’t seem to be

Ip Man’s Last Battle In Ip Man: The Final Fight

  After the resounding success of Donnie Yen’s role of the martial arts master, Ip Man,

Theatric Thursdays: ‘Commando: A One Man Army’ Trailer Kicks A Ton Of Ass

The name Vidyut Jamwal may not be familiar to international audiences just yet, but from this