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JR Aquino Releases MV: “This Time Around”

JR Aquination, Aquinators (someone comment below and tell me what you’re called!?) Who’s already on their

JR Aquino: “When I Was Your Man” Cover

Welcome to the weekend! For those of you who have yet to be acquainted with the

JR Aquino Releases “Little Things” Cover

JR Aquino recently released a cover video for the sweet Ed Sheeran-written-made-famous-by-One Direction-single, “Little Things” Some

    From YTF to YTF Legacy

    YTF has an added an extra word to their name! As well, the group has recently

    YTF Global – Vancouver Concert Review

    On March 23, YouTube conglomerate YTF Global came to Vancouver to kick-start their five city tour. Held at

      YTF Global Announces North American Tour

      YTF Global, a conglomerate of YouTube stars, announced their North American concert tour that will start