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Lotteria’s Five Patty Burgers are Incredibly Phattening

Lotteria is one of Japan’s most beloved fast food chains. With their 40th Anniversary approaching, they’ve

Two Legends Unite for a Memorable Performance in Taiwan

Eighteen years after her passing, Chinese legendary Teresa Teng, made a surprise return to the stage

Jay Chou Incorporates 4D In World Tour

One of Taiwan’s biggest superstars Jay Chou is figuratively (and maybe even literally) breaking the fourth wall by

    AX3 Poll: Most Anticipated Jay Chou Sequel: Secret 2 or Initial D2?

    Everyone knows Jay Chou (周杰倫) is a wonderful singer. In a little over a decade, his musical

    AX3 Poll: Leehom Wang vs. Jay Chou

    When you talk about Taiwanese music, you just can’t skip Leehom Wang and Jay Chou. Both

    CHARGED Tunes: Shiga Lin – So Far

    Last week, we featured Jay Chou’s Simple Love, a blast from the past. This week, we’re

    CHARGED Tunes: Jay Chou – Simple Love

    Monday has arrived once again, folks. Hope you all were able to adjust your clocks to

      Jay Chou Begins Work On “Secret 2”

      Taiwanese megastar Jay Chou debuted as a film director in 2007 with his film “Secret” and