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Mind-Blown Mondays: Japan’s Springtime Penis Festival

You know it would only be in Japan that they’d hold a Springtime Penis Festival. I

Airplane Wednesday: Goo Hara from Girl-group “Kara”

Goo Hara, originally a model for an online shopping mall, is one of KARA’s 5 South

Smallest Sushi Ever!

Everyone knows to master the artistry of sushi requires basically a lifetime of experience. This guy

Mind-Blown Mondays: Super Realistic Cats Made Out Of Wool

Some people collect stamps, some people paint. Everyone has their own unique hobbies. The skillful Tamako

Theatric Thursday: Vancouver Brings Cutie and the Boxer

Directed by Zachary Heinzerling, the Oscar-nominated Cutie and the Boxer is a reflection on love, sacrifice, and the

Mind-Blown Mondays: Which Of These Three Ladies Is A Grandmother?

The photo above doesn’t really look like anything special, just three young ladies with some kids.

Who Wants a Real-Life Mario Kart?

This thing is no mere toy, it’s a “full size” 6V ride-on Mario Kart that any

Mind-Blown Mondays: Fake Eyelashes For Pets is a Thing

Some people really love to dress their pets up, but to take it to the next