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Mind-Blown Mondays: Japanese Cafe Has Some Seriously Intense Parfaits

  It’s like something you’d expect a cartoon character to devour in a single bite. If

Airplane Wednesdays: “Yamapi” Yamashita Tomohisa

Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) is a very popular Japanese idol actor/singer. He is a former leader of NEWS,

Mind-Blown Mondays: The Walking Bicycle is now a Thing in Japan

Bicycles as we know it have always been a pleasant substitute for walking. It’s safe to

Mind-Blown Mondays: This Japanese Teen Brushed His Teeth With A Gun

Electric toothbrush? Get on this guy’s level! Japanese teenager, TokioFN, posted a video to YouTube depicting

Mind-Blown Mondays: Japan’s Springtime Penis Festival

You know it would only be in Japan that they’d hold a Springtime Penis Festival. I

Airplane Wednesday: Goo Hara from Girl-group “Kara”

Goo Hara, originally a model for an online shopping mall, is one of KARA’s 5 South

Smallest Sushi Ever!

Everyone knows to master the artistry of sushi requires basically a lifetime of experience. This guy

Mind-Blown Mondays: Super Realistic Cats Made Out Of Wool

Some people collect stamps, some people paint. Everyone has their own unique hobbies. The skillful Tamako