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hong kong Posts

Theatric Thursday: Delete My Lover, Delete My Boredom

Wong Cho-Lam stars opposite many of Hong Kong’s top current and former comedy geniuses, including those

Mind-Blown Mondays: Hong Kong Vs Mother Nature

What a crazy weekend it’s been for Hong Kong. From the torrential rainfall to the golf

Rigor Mortis Comes Back for a Reunion

If you’ve watched the Mr. Vampire series, you’re bound to be excited about director Juno Mak’s

Theatric Thursday: Haunted House in Beijing Remade as The House That Never Dies

The inner chambers of Beijing’s Chaoyangmen 81 has a history that is eerie and chilling.  It is

Aberdeen Comes to Hong Kong Cinema

Aberdeen is definitely one of the sleeper picks of 2014, with its crisp clear cinematography, richly

Theatric Thursday: Chow Yun Fat versus Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) is battling it out with himself as two of his blockbuster films,

Theatric Thursday From Drug Wars to The Cartel War to The White Storm

The White Storm, ( 掃毒) is one of the must-see Chinese crime thrillers of 2013.  Actually,

Hello Babies Bring In the New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!  It’s that time of year for those whacky annual Hong Kong movies