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[GIVEAWAY] OyatsuBox Japanese Snacks

Well, the holidays have now come and gone, and surely, we’ve all had a plentiful amount

World’s First Kit Kat Store Opening in Tokyo

Who doesn’t love a good Kit Kat? They’re perfect or sharing (or not) and taste amazing.

AX3 Poll: What is the Best Pocky Flavour?

If there was an eighth wonder in the world, a jenga tower made of Pocky sticks

    Sugar Club x SUPERBORED x La Chocolaterie Chocolate On Sale Now

    The “糖兄妹 x SUPERBORED x La Chocolaterie” chocolate is finally on sale! After much suspense, SUPERBORED

      SUPERBORED x Sugar Club x La Chocolaterie

      Gearing up for 糖兄妹 Sugar Club’s Vancouver mini concert, there will be a cross over chocolate merchandise

      Japan to Sell Chocolate Smart ForTwo for Valentine’s Day

      In Japan, Valentine’s Day is traditionally slightly different from the Western side. On this special day,

      Create Your Own Chocolate Shoe

      For those shoe and chocolate lovers out there, here’s a special treat. Déli Kool at Kowloon

        Charlene Choi Covered in Chocolate for Chocolate Art Exhibition Promo

        The famous Hong Kong star, Charlene Choi, did a promo campaign for Harbor City’s Chocolate Trail