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Former Chelsea Striker Mateja Kezman to Play for Hong Kong’s South China Athletic Association

Serbian striker, Mateja Kezman, who formerly played for Chelsea FC, England; PSV Einhoven, Dutch League; and

    Japan’s Biggest Porn Star, To Become China’s Biggest Porn Star

    Aoi Sora is very well known. She’s probably the most well known Japanese porn star. But

    Sony to expand into China

    With Nintendo given the green light to enter China, it seems only natural that Sony would

    Asian Cup: Uzbekistan Advanced From Group Stage After Thrilling 2-2 Draw With China

    On January 16th, Uzbekistan and China played their final group match in the Asian Cup 2011

    Irregularly Cold Weather in China

    Mainland China is facing a new wave of chilly weather.  The Inner Mongolia province will have

    China has built the World’s Longest Bridge

    In addition to having the world’s largest population, China now earns the title of having the

    Nintendo 3DS makes it into China as the iQue 3DS

    In China, it’s a common and well known fact that not all consoles are allowed to

    Macau’s Famous Pork Chop Bun

    Going to Macau, one of its most famous food is the pork chop bun. There’s actually