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Shanghai’s New One-Dog Policy

China passed the one-child policy a while ago, so that they can control the population. Now,

Zhang Tiequan Became First Ever Chinese Fighter to Compete in the UFC

On February 26th, Zhang Tiequan appeared in his first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship match.  He was

Man in China Had 4″ Blade in His Head for 4 Years

A man in Yunnan, China, Li Fu, went to the hospital when he said he kept

China’s Prisoners Wash Feet As An Apology

Prisoners in China were given the chance to wash the prisoner’s family’s feet. In Jialing Jail

    Super Junior-M “Perfection” Teaser

    Super Junior-M, a sub-group from the popular Korean Super Junior boy group, released a teaser for

    Thursday Tunes: I Believe

    The AX3 crew have voted! This week’s #Dailycharge Thursday Tunes brings us together for a classic.

    Shaolin Monk Demonstrates His “Steel Crotch Kung Fu”

    A Shaolin monk made an appearance on a talent program, a Chinese version similar to Britain’s

      Photographer Fridays – Li Wei from Beijing

      This week we bring you an extraordinary photographs for our Photography Fridays, Daily Charge series. Beijing artist Li