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Mind-Blown Mondays: What the heck is this guy painting? The result will drop your jaw

A video of a man appearing to be painting one of those seemingly random, abstract art

Mind-Blown Mondays: China’s Peaches are Sexier Than Yours

Well this is one way to get some people to start eating more fruits. Most people

Mind-Blown Mondays: Chinese Pools Have No Entry Limit

Summer is in full swing, with the heat kicking in most parts of the world. China

“Food Friday & Theatric Thursday” Together At Last: Red Obsession Captures Wine at the Shiang Garden Restaurant

A film about power, money and economics bottled with tradition and integrity, Red Obsession depicts the

The Road to Fame in China is Paved With Good Intentions

Your Kontinent Festival presents a compelling collection of film and media art works that challenge our perceptions

Theatric Thursday: Web Junkie Features at Your Kontinent Festival

In 2008, China was the first country to label internet addiction as a clinical disorder. A

Mind-Blown Mondays: Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Built in China?

There’s something really unique about the architecture in China. It always has a sense of grandeur

Airplane Wednesdays: Wallace Huo (霍建华)

Wallace Huo should be a familiar name to fans of Mainland and Taiwanese television. At 35,