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Mind-Blown Mondays: Rare Condition Leaves 19 Year Old Girl Looking Like A Preschooler

This literally is a woman in a child’s body here. Zeng Yushan apparently suffers from a

Mind-Blown Mondays: Starving North Koreans’ Forced To Eat Their Children

It seems the famine situation in North Korea is only worsening with the alleged report of

Tech Mondays: DefCon 2011 – Hacking for Children

Another week and another start of a #dailycharge. Today, Tech Mondays will look at DefCon 2011

Indian Religious Leader Has 39 Wives and 94 Kids

Ziona Chana, who is 66 from Mizoram, India, has 39 wives and 94 kids. He is

Singapore Restaurants Ban Kids

A particular restaurant in Singapore, “PS.Cafe” put up a sign in outside their restaurant saying that