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[GIVEAWAY] OyatsuBox Japanese Snacks

Well, the holidays have now come and gone, and surely, we’ve all had a plentiful amount

Mind-Blown Mondays: Japanese Gummy Bugs Are Scarily Lifelike

Eating bugs is considered a delicacy in some cultures. I haven’t had the pleasure of consuming any

Mind-Blown Mondays: South Korean School Girls Have The Coolest Snack-Packs

It sucks when you can’t fit all the snacks you want into your backpack, but what if

World’s First Kit Kat Store Opening in Tokyo

Who doesn’t love a good Kit Kat? They’re perfect or sharing (or not) and taste amazing.

[GIVEAWAY] Japanese Snack Pack Review: One Piece, Mintia, Meiji

Last month, we reviewed three yummy Japanese snacks (Pocky, Hi-Chew and Neru Neru DIY Candy Kit)

Throwback Thursdays: Ten Supermarket Snacks You Grew Up With In Hong Kong

Throwback Thursdays: Twelve Supermarket Snacks You Grew Up With In Hong KongGrowing up in Hong Kong,

Kim Jong Un Celebrates Birthday By Giving Out Candy To Children

Maybe Kim Jong Un’s not such a bad guy after all? According to state media reports,

Foodie Fridays: Candy Ramen!

This one is for you ladies: want that fatty meal but without the full on grease?