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The Never Before Seen Duel Between Donnie Yen and Bruce Lee

It’s called the fight that everyone has been dreaming of but no one ever has the

Mind-Blown Mondays: Meet Bruce Lee’s Afghan Doppleganger

Is that the dragon himself? Better do a double take here. But this guy totally looks

Throwback Thursdays: When Jackie Chan Fought Bruce Lee

Kobe vs. Jordan. Superman vs. Batman. The Rock vs. Vin Diesel. If you’re into any type of

Hong Kong Museum Launches Bruce Lee Exhibition

Hong Kong will memorialize Bruce Lee with a museum exhibition that will run for 5 years.

Mind-Blown Mondays: Chinese Man Can Hadouken

Apologies for the misleading title, but I assure you this article will highlight quite an amazing

AX3 Poll: Ip Man vs. Ip Man 2 – Which is the Better Film?

Ever since the first Ip Man film was released in 2008, the Hong Kong film industry

    Ip Man 3 Confirmed

    After rumors were circulating last year, it has now been confirmed that Donnie Yen will be

      AX3 Poll: Jackie Chan VS. Bruce Lee – Who is the King of Martial Arts Films?

      Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Two of the most influential martial arts film stars that the