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Theatric Thursday: Haunted House in Beijing Remade as The House That Never Dies

The inner chambers of Beijing’s Chaoyangmen 81 has a history that is eerie and chilling.  It is

Asian Guy Draws Himself with Fictional Characters

We live in a world full of dreamers. We often hope for fame, fortune, love, etc.

“Beijing State of Mind”: American Ex-Pats Poke Fun At China

A new rap video has brought together the East and West in a comedic fashion that

Mind-Blown Mondays: Stackable Micro Houses In Beijing

If you’ve ever wanted to stack the rooms of your house on top of each other,

Rovio opens official Angry Birds store in China

With the popularity of Angry Birds, it was only a matter of time before an official

Mind-blown Mondays: The Chinese Genital Serving Restaurant – Guo Li Zhuang

China has been renowned throughout the world to serve some peculiar dishes, but Guo Li Zhuang

Beijing authorities publishes official “The English Translation of Chinese Gourmet Dishes”

“Fuel Consumption Western Lettuce” “The Onion Explodes the Mutton” “Shitake Mushroom Rape” “The Palace Explodes the

Beijing Beauty Crowned ATV Miss Asia 2011

At the ATV 2011 Miss Asia Pageant at Hainan, China, Beijing, China’s 馮雪冰 (Feng Xue Bing) was