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Trendy Tuesday: Head Over Heels for Headpieces

Are you an accessory addict? Do you cover your limbs in “arm parties,” your fingers in… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Wang Lee hom – As Long as I Have You

This week, we’re going way back to a song produced in 1996. Probably one of the… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Fake Eyelashes For Pets is a Thing

Some people really love to dress their pets up, but to take it to the next… (more)

Sochi 2014: Asians Are Kind of Good at Figure Skating, Too

It’s easy to forget Asian athletes during the Winter Olympics. Without China’s bold, waving flag, the… (more)

Group of Chinese Singles Buy Movie Tickets to Disrupt Valentines Dates

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Err.. well maybe not for the couples in Shanghai that have decided… (more)

The Four Is Back for the Second Time

The Four: II returns from the somewhat successful The Four: I (get it?)   Hong Kong filmmaking… (more)

Airplane Wednesdays: Sung Joon – Handsome South Korean Model and Actor

The best part of writing this column, is that you have a good excuse to admire… (more)

Luscious Lips: Top Blogger Choices for Lip Colours

In my humble opinion, the easiest way to cheer yourself up on a gloomy day is… (more)

Vote Before March 9th for the Chinese Restaurant Awards 2014

Do you share pictures of all your meals to social media? Talk all day about food?… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Hong Pei-Yu – Tip Toe Love/踮起腳尖愛

What makes a good drama soundtrack? It’s when you’re watching an emotional scene and then a… (more)