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Sunshine Nation 2014 Feat. MC Jin

Amidst the clickity clack of the blinking clappers and the screaming of several hundred adoring supporters,… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Ten Tips for the Frugal Fashionista’s Fall Wardrobe

As much as we don’t want to admit it, the gorgeous season of summer is slowly… (more)

[NSFW] Mind-Blown Mondays: Korean Restaurant Has Ceramic Penises Everywhere

We’ve covered quite a few places in Asia that have a thing for the male genitalia,… (more)

Theatric Thursday: Anita’s Last Cha Cha comes to Vancouver’s Queer Film Festival 2014

Anita’s Last Cha Cha is feature length Filipino film about the magic of first love through… (more)

Airplane Wednesdays: Long-Hair Goddess of Taiwanese Ads, Bea Hayden (郭碧婷)

Trends come and go, but long, healthy locks have been the sought-after classic that never goes… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Azure – Magic Hour

We all wish that summer would never end. We wish we could stay on the beach… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: A Summer for Sheer Skirts

After recently returning from a trip to China, Singapore, and Hong Kong, I discovered that I… (more)

Mind-blown Mondays: Japanese Man Keeps A Pet Wasp On A Leash

Japanese giant hornets are one of the most aggressive insects. These little guys are two inches… (more)

Foodie Fridays: Skewers With An Asian Flavor

As I was trying to think of a Foodie Fridays this week, at the same time… (more)

KCON 2014 Recap: A Snapshot of the Largest K-pop Convention of The Year

Missed North America’s largest k-pop music festival this past weekend in Los Angeles? Here’s what went… (more)