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Mind-Blown Mondays: Japanese Model Builder Makes Gundam Figures That Look Like Drawings

Anyone who’s into giant, fighting robots would obviously know about Gundam – and the hobby of model building… (more)

Airplane Wednesday: The Dancing Queen of Asia – Jolin Tsai

It is both a blessing and a curse that we will never have a shortage of… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Spice Up Your Brushing With Wasabi Toothpaste

Just in case you ever wanted a little kick in the morning when you brush your… (more)

Della One In A Thousand World Tour: Vancouver Dec 3rd

Della (丁噹) One In A Thousand (真愛好難得) World Tour will be coming to Vancouver on Dec… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Epik High – Happen Ending

Things are going really well for Epik High. South Korea’s most well-known and longest-running hip-hop group… (more)

Airplane Wednesday: Cute & Delicate Son Na-Eun of APINK

Taking over Airplane Wednesday this week is yet another young and rising Kpop idol. This time,… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Long Cardigan Obsession

  If you’re not bundling up these days under at least three to four layers of… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Chinese Man Proposes With 99 Iphone 6 Devices

Some guys like to put on hugely elaborate schemes when it comes to wedding proposals. Though… (more)

Foodie Fridays: The Breakfast of Champions, Congee

If you grew up in an Asian household, congee would be no stranger to you.  It… (more)

Airplane Wednesday: Bubbly It-Girl of Japan Kana Nishino

Known for her talented voice, beautiful looks, and cutesy fashion sense, our latest Airplane Wednesday has… (more)