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Japanese Football: Arsenal’s Ryo Miyaichi To Be Loaned To Feyenoord

Arsenal FC Japanese midfielder, Ryo Miyaichi, will be loaned to Holland top team Feyenoord until the… (more)

Carer Risk Life Saving Runaway Wheelchair in China

A security camera in a Chinese department store caught footage of the carer who risks her… (more)

“The Prettiest Beggar” Appears in Beijing Metro

In Beijing’s busy metro, there are many beggars located in the hallway to earn a living. … (more)

Former Chelsea Striker Mateja Kezman to Play for Hong Kong’s South China Athletic Association

Serbian striker, Mateja Kezman, who formerly played for Chelsea FC, England; PSV Einhoven, Dutch League; and… (more)


Screened in Tokyo just a day ago, trailers have been popping up here and there, around… (more)

Queue for Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders

Following the report that Nintendo will only be releasing 400,000 units of the new Nintendo 3DS… (more)

Neighborhood’s 2011 “Flash Back” Collection

The popular Japanese brand, Neighborhood, releases their new Spring Summer 2011 collection, “Flash Back.” The collection… (more)

Disney to release Android phone in Japan

Disney has decided to release a new smartphone in Japan : the Sharp Galapagos 003SH running… (more)

    Japan’s Biggest Porn Star, To Become China’s Biggest Porn Star

    Aoi Sora is very well known. She’s probably the most well known Japanese porn star. But… (more)

    Arashi in NINTENDO 3DS Commercials

    The Japanese group, Arashi, is currently featured in NINTENDO’s 3DS commercials. Their emotions are caught on… (more)