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Disney to release Android phone in Japan

Disney has decided to release a new smartphone in Japan : the Sharp Galapagos 003SH running… (more)

    Japan’s Biggest Porn Star, To Become China’s Biggest Porn Star

    Aoi Sora is very well known. She’s probably the most well known Japanese porn star. But… (more)

    Arashi in NINTENDO 3DS Commercials

    The Japanese group, Arashi, is currently featured in NINTENDO’s 3DS commercials. Their emotions are caught on… (more)

    Asian Cup 2011: South Korea 4 – 1 India

    The South Korean finished their Group C match against India on Tuesday and they came out… (more)

    South Korea’s Solution to Gaming Addiction

    A slew of photos have recently surfaced, depicting what appears to be boot camp – for… (more)

      Citizens Files Complains About TVB’s JSG 2010 Music Awards

      TVB’s annual JSG music awards happened last week on January 15, 2011. Due to TVB’s disputes… (more)

        G.NA “Black & White” MV Feat. 2AM’s Jinwoon

        The new Korean singer, G.NA (Gina Choi) will be releasing her upcoming album, “Black & White,”… (more)

          Mighty Mouth New Album – “Mighty Fresh”

          Mighty Mouth, a Korean hip hop duo, will be releasing a new album on January 20th,… (more)

            New Korean Singer, Navi’s Upcoming Album – “Hello”

            Navi (나비), a new Korean singer, will be releasing her first full length album, “Hello.” When… (more)

            North Korea’s Very Own Amusement Parks

            There is certainly no doubt about North Korea’s notorious communist, dictatorship regime that securely confines its… (more)