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CHARGED tunes: Ian Chen – A Nobody and the Princess

Taiwan really surprises me sometimes. I haven’t seen a lot of Taiwanese dramas compared to Korean… (more)

Mind-blown Mondays: Chinese Restaurant Has Topless “Foreign Male Model” Waiters

Pictures recently surfaced on Sina Weibo of a restaurant that has drawn in female customers with… (more)

Review: Top Ways to Use Your New Selfie Stick (Psst.. this isn’t just about Selfies!)

Taking selfies. Vain? Maybe. Trending? Absolutely. Love it or hate it, the era of selfies has… (more)

Theatric Thursday: High Tech, Low Life Brings Age of High Traffic Information from China to Canada

High Tech, Low Life is one of those documentaries that you must watch at least once… (more)

Airplane Wednesdays: Popular Vancouver Youtuber, Linda Dong of LeendaDProductions

She shoots, directs, and acts. Oh, and does wedding photography on the side. Meet Linda Dong, known… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Sunhatted Splendor for the Summer

Happy Canada Day everyone! While the main objectives of today are having fun and celebrating our nation’s… (more)

CHARGED tunes: g.o.d. – The Lone Duckling

After g.o.d. (지오디) released their long-awaited comeback in May this year, they’re releasing another single to… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: South Korean School Girls Have The Coolest Snack-Packs

It sucks when you can’t fit all the snacks you want into your backpack, but what if… (more)

Foodie Fridays: Watermelon Soju

The Korean answer to watermelon vodka, watermelon soju is perfect for sharing in an outdoors BBQ… (more)

Throwback Thursday & Theatric Thursday: Bringing Back Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

While driving through the woods, Chihiro and her family lose their way and discover a tunnel… (more)