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Trendy Tuesday: How To Wear Hobo Chic

When you feel safest while dressed in form-fitting clothes and high-heels, it can be hard to… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Chinese Restaurant Owner Laces Noodles with Opium Noodles

Next time you go for a nice, steaming hot bowl of noodles in China, it may… (more)

Theatric Thursday: The Man From Reno Featuring Ayako Fujitani

Dave Boyle’s Man From Reno is a North America-based production, which takes place in the small town… (more)

Airplane Wednesdays: Versatile Film Actress Tang Wei

Tang Wei is a Chinese film actress with a strong screen presence. She was notably cast in… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Bootie Action for the Fall

As the trees continue changing colour and the days grow shorter, our gaze often turns to… (more)

Mind-Blown Mondays: Japanese Man Makes Incredible Paintings With Excel

Microsoft Excel sure is a useful and powerful tool. It organizes your data, makes graphs and… (more)

Foodie Fridays: Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork is a staple item for many Chinese and other Asian restaurants and… (more)

CHARGED tunes: Sakanaction – Boku to Hana

Put together alternative rock, pop, electronic, and New Wave, and you get Sakanaction. Sakanaction (サカナクション), pronounced… (more)

News: Jessica’s Exit from Girls’ Generation – What’s next for the ex-member?

As if SM Entertainment scandals hasn’t been enough this year, with Kris of EXO pulling a… (more)

Trendy Tuesday: Snapback in Style

With the recent return of gloomy weather in “Raincouver,” headwear has become a priority for those… (more)