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Trendy Tuesday: Sunhatted Splendor for the Summer

Happy Canada Day everyone! While the main objectives of today are having fun and celebrating our nation’s

Mind-Blown Mondays: South Korean School Girls Have The Coolest Snack-Packs

It sucks when you can’t fit all the snacks you want into your backpack, but what if

Foodie Fridays: Watermelon Soju

The Korean answer to watermelon vodka, watermelon soju is perfect for sharing in an outdoors BBQ

Airplane Wednesdays: Charismatic TVB Actor Bosco Wong

When Bosco Wong appears on your television, you’ll know it is him when you need help

Trendy Tuesday: Summer Vacation with Tropical Prints

While we are currently experiencing a bout of wishy-washy weather, the rainy gloom should not prevent

Mind-Blown Mondays: This Chinese Artist Paints World Cup Players With a Soccer Ball

World Cup fever has gripped the world! And Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi is no exception, with

Theatric Thursday: Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF)’s Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon (MAMM) kicks off its 10th Year

The Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon (MAMM) kicks off its 10th Year with an

Airplane Wednesdays: A Spotlight on South Korean Actor, Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin is a phenomenal South Korean actor. In fact, this 31-year old’s charismatic performances as