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Eye Candy Posts

Airplane Wednesdays: All bow down to “Princess Zi Wei” – Taiwanese Actress Ruby Lin

Back in the days when Qiong Yao’s Princess Returning Pearl was the hottest thing in Asia,

Airplane Wednesdays: Ki Hong Lee of “Maze Runner”

Can’t wait to see The Maze Runner? Get to know Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee, who plays

Airplane Wednesdays: Taiwanese It Girl, Puff Guo (郭雪芙)

Puff Guo is as sweet as her name sounds. She is a 26 year old actress

Airplane Wednesdays: Chinese Supermodel Sui He

Victoria secret models are known as some of the world’s sexiest women. One Chinese woman has

Airplane Wednesdays: Long-Hair Goddess of Taiwanese Ads, Bea Hayden (郭碧婷)

Trends come and go, but long, healthy locks have been the sought-after classic that never goes

Airplane Wednesdays: Beautiful Chinese Actress, Crystal Liu (刘亦菲)

One can question her singing, overlook her acting talent, but one simply cannot deny her well-known gorgeousness. Crystal

Airplane Wednesdays: Bora, The Sexy Rapper of SISTAR

South Korean quartet SISTAR has to be one of the brightest, fast-rising girl groups in the

Airplane Wednesdays: Harry Shum Jr. of Glee Fame

As many of you television buffs know, Harry Shum Jr. plays the hunky Mike Chang in American