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Lifestyle Posts

Trendy Tuesday: Retro-Chic Sunnies for a Contemporary Cool

In the case of many new trends, I usually dismiss them until I’ve been properly convinced

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Airplane Wednesdays: Hot Half-Asian Celebrities – Rhydian, Ricky, and Julien

Apologies for the uncatchy title. Maybe this is better – a feast for the eyes! Anyway,

Trendy Tuesday: Get Distressed in Denim Boyfriends

When it comes to relaxed and casual style, distressed denim is the epitome of dressed-down yet

Mind-Blown Mondays: Hong Kong Vs Mother Nature

What a crazy weekend it’s been for Hong Kong. From the torrential rainfall to the golf

Airplane Wednesday: Goo Hara from Girl-group “Kara”

Goo Hara, originally a model for an online shopping mall, is one of KARA’s 5 South