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Johnnie To’s North American Opening of Drug War is A Triad versus Police Shootout with Multiple Identities

When it comes to reviews about movies from Asia, AX3 tries to be at the forefront

Herbert Kwan Brings Music to Our Ears at Vancouver Music Life Concert

Friends and family gathered at the Music Building of UBC last night to attend the much

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Year’s TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival

For everyone living in the Greater Vancouver Area (or not!), here’s a highly anticipated summer event

[CLOSED] Win Tickets to the Vancouver Premiere of the Wolverine on July 24!

We at AX3 always have our loyal readers at heart. When we aren’t researching for things

Catch Herbert Kwan at His Vancouver Music Life 2013 Concert!

With graduation in the horizon, local musician Herbert desires to tackle another aspect highly important for

Trendy Tuesday: Chatting Fashion and Wearapy with Celebrity Stylist Jeannie Mai

Hello Trendy Tuesday readers, This week we have a special feature on the very esteemed fashion

Catch Fan Fan (范范) Live in Vancouver, October 12th, 2013!

Vancouver, are you ready for the Christine Fan (范玮琪) concert, happening on October 12th at Queen

A “Wong Fu Weekend” Visit to Vancouver!

On June 15, 2013, Phil and Wes of Wong Fu Productions and Yuri Tag of Kaba