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AX3 Interview: MC Jin in 2014 and You Might Not Know Me Release

AX3 and MC Jin have always been in close contact, ever since his visit to Vancouver for the INSPIRE

AX3 Interviews: John Cho

Looks like we have a double whammy for today’s Mind-blown Monday! At AX3, our main goal

Trendy Tuesday: Florals For Any Season

In one of my favourite movies The Devil Wears Prada, the intimidating yet fabulous Miranda Priestly remarks

Trendy Tuesday Post: Style Feature: Bonita Au

Greetings Trendy Tuesday readers, This week I have the pleasure of introducing a local fashionista, Bonita

AX3 Interviews – Rayray 劉軒蓁

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to make it as a musician in Taiwan? We

Trendy Tuesday: Chatting Fashion and Wearapy with Celebrity Stylist Jeannie Mai

Hello Trendy Tuesday readers, This week we have a special feature on the very esteemed fashion

Airplane Wednesdays: Exclusive Interview with Olivia Ong

One of our staff members, Charmine, had the wonderful chance to sit down with Olivia Ong

AX3 Interviews: Amy Okuda

  If you have a feeling you’ve seen Amy Okuda somewhere before, don’t be surprised if