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CHARGED tunes: HyunA – Red

HyunA’s comeback single, “Red”, is making the news for its content and message. One of K-pop’s

Theatric Thursday: Japanese Mixed-Race Couples comes to Vancouver’s Powell Street Festival

Did you miss Hafu from last year’s Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF)?   No worries, as

CHARGED tunes: JYJ – Back Seat

After 3 years, JYJ is back with their 3rd studio album, Just Us, with their single,

“Food Friday & Theatric Thursday” Together At Last: Red Obsession Captures Wine at the Shiang Garden Restaurant

A film about power, money and economics bottled with tradition and integrity, Red Obsession depicts the

Theatric Thursday: Rent a Family Inc.

Rent a Family Inc. is a quirky, unassuming film with a nuanced tale about identity through a

CHARGED tunes: Jeff Bernat – Be the One

Couple drama reunions are becoming a trend in Korean dramaland. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reunited

David Choi serenades fans at Music Matters Live with HP

David Choi performed in the 4th annual 2014 Music Matters Live with HP at Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Theatric Thursday: Fly Me to Minami – Recognized as the “Cinema Drifter” – Osaka based Chinese-Malaysian filmmaker Lim Kah Wai

Fly Me to Minami – Recognized as the “Cinema Drifter,” Osaka based Chinese-Malaysian filmmaker Lim Kah Wai is