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    Hong Kong 3D Porn Film Coming to North America

    Two months after the premiere of the world’s first 3D erotic film in Hong Kong, the

      Vancouver Canucks Fans in Hong Kong

      The Vancouver Canucks are ONE WIN away from winning the holy grail of hockey, the Stanley

        MC Jin Releases MV for “Shoot for the Moon”

        To celebrate his birthday with his fans worldwide, MC Jin released the single “Shoot for the

          Street Fighter X Tekken E3 Trailer Released

          With this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has come and gone, many got to see the

            IU to Have First Official Fan Meet

            With the recent amount of fan meets and signings for Korean idols, LEON Entertainment has announced

              Korean Idols Photoshopped with Moustaches

              A netizen has recently Photoshop’d moustaches onto the faces of popular Korean music idols such as

                Kim Hyun Joong Releases “Break Down” Album

                After releasing the music video to his single “Please” last week, the leader of SS501, Kim

                  2PM’s Comeback Schedule Revealed

                  In a recent tweet by JYP Entertainment, the company attached a photo detailing the comeback schedule