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CHARGED tunes: Obedient Wives Club – Summerloove

Listen to the Obedient Wives Club to start your week with a ray of sunshine and

CHARGED tunes: Ian Chen – A Nobody and the Princess

Taiwan really surprises me sometimes. I haven’t seen a lot of Taiwanese dramas compared to Korean

CHARGED tunes: g.o.d. – The Lone Duckling

After g.o.d. (지오디) released their long-awaited comeback in May this year, they’re releasing another single to

CHARGED tunes: DANakaDAN ft. Clara C. – “Is There Anybody Out There?”

Beautiful and sad. “Is There Anybody Out There?” is inspired by Dan Matthew’s story of finding

CHARGED tunes: Awkwafina – Queef

Awkwafina has generated buzz with her self-composed raps and… well, unconventional choices of topics for her

CHARGED tunes: 24Herbs – Hot in the 852 (Plus…LMF)

Vancouver isn’t the only city that’s been on the receiving end of some steady rays from

Taeyang Drops Smoking Hot MV for ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ from New Album

Taeyang is back with a brand new track and MV! Fresh off the press is ‘Eyes,

CHARGED tunes: Superstar K3 Yuna Kim Debuts ‘Without You Now’

Yuna Kim started out as a contestant on Superstar K3 who moved on to become a