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Theatric Thursday: Delete My Lover, Delete My Boredom

Wong Cho-Lam stars opposite many of Hong Kong’s top current and former comedy geniuses, including those

“That Burning Feeling” Turns John Cho into the Wolf … of Real Estate

John Cho may not quite be a household name but one mention of his famous portrayals

Theatric Thursday: The Midnight After Shows Internet Novels Can Become Movies

The Midnight After (with a humongous title, 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅van) is a 2014 Hong Kong film directed by Fruit Chan and

Rigor Mortis Comes Back for a Reunion

If you’ve watched the Mr. Vampire series, you’re bound to be excited about director Juno Mak’s

Theatric Thursday: Vancouver Brings Cutie and the Boxer

Directed by Zachary Heinzerling, the Oscar-nominated Cutie and the Boxer is a reflection on love, sacrifice, and the

Theatric Thursday: Haunted House in Beijing Remade as The House That Never Dies

The inner chambers of Beijing’s Chaoyangmen 81 has a history that is eerie and chilling.  It is

5th Annual DocuAsia Forum – March 10 – 14 – Cinevolution Media Arts Society

The DocuAsia Forum is getting bigger each year, and this year, the film festival that explores Asia-Canada

Theatric Thursday: ‘Evangeline’ Canadian Premiere Horror Movie From Vancouver Director Karen Lam

Film critic John Skipp describes Vancouver-born director Karen Lam’s filmmaking as “A meticulous emotional meat-grinder, genuinely