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CHARGED tunes: EXO – Overdose

#EXOComebackShowcase Sometimes I get surprised when I see any Kpop group trending worldwide. I like to

Theatric Thursday: Delete My Lover, Delete My Boredom

Wong Cho-Lam stars opposite many of Hong Kong’s top current and former comedy geniuses, including those

CHARGED tunes: G.E.M. Where did you go?

It’s throwback Tuesdays! (‘Cause, why not?) This week’s CHARGED tunes artist is G.E.M. (鄧紫棋), who performed at

Sibling Duo AKMU Starts Spring Off Right

The start of spring was not too long ago, so how about splurging your ears with

Cathy Nguyen is Engaged!

On behalf of AX3, we’re ever so excited to extend a huge congratulations to Cathy Nguyen

“That Burning Feeling” Turns John Cho into the Wolf … of Real Estate

John Cho may not quite be a household name but one mention of his famous portrayals

Theatric Thursday: The Midnight After Shows Internet Novels Can Become Movies

The Midnight After (with a humongous title, 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅van) is a 2014 Hong Kong film directed by Fruit Chan and

CHARGED tunes: AJ Rafael – Matchmaker

AJ Rafael released the new music video of “Matchmaker” last week. “Matchmaker” is from the album