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Is Blackie (陳建州) coming to Vancouver? 4 Videos of His Sudden Appearances at Christine Fan (范瑋琪) Concerts

How nice it is to be married to one of Taiwan’s biggest sweethearts. Everyone in Taiwan

Worst Chinese Essay Ever… is actually pretty good.

In a stereotypically opposite turn-of-events, a Chinese student scored a ZERO for his essay portion of

Crazy Rich Asians coming to Hollywood? Is there a Vancouver Connection?

If you haven’t heard this by now, you must have been living in a cave very,

Starbucks’ New Concept Store “Inspired by Starbucks” Opens in Japan

Starbucks has launched a new cafe called “Inspired by Starbucks” in Tokyo, Japan targeting many coffee lovers

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Year’s TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival

For everyone living in the Greater Vancouver Area (or not!), here’s a highly anticipated summer event

Bra or no Bra? Entrance Exams in China

In an effort to tackle cheating during the country’s annual university entrance exams in the province

McDonald’s Japan Sells 1000 Yen ($10) Burgers

Have you ever imagined tasting a gourmet burger from McDonald’s? Well, this might be your dream

Wong Fu Production’s on Weibo! (And so is AX3!)

Wong Fu Productions is on Sina Weibo!  Check out their page now if you haven’t already.