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Mind The Gap or Mind The Peeping Toms? 1 in 3 Women Suffered Sex Crime on MTR – Survey

Besides “minding the gap” and watching out for PSY and Hyuna dancing to “Gangnam Style” at

The Hurricane’s Asian Cousin: The Typhoon Plus A Cyclone Safety Guide

Recently, Hurricane Sandy’s effect on the East Coast of the United States has reminded us of

The Vegas of Asia has a New Bill in Place: Are You Legal to Play?

In the city that some deem “the Vegas of Asia”, Macau now has a new law

Batman Finally Meets Blind Chinese Activist

A while back, Christian Bale was involved in an incident where he was roughed up by

Ai Weiwei Turns PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Into “Grass Mud Horse Style”

Ai Weiwei, China’s most famous international artist, and its most outspoken domestic critic returns with his

PSY Endorsed Nongshim Has Ramen Products recalled

On Thursday, the South Korean Health Authority found six Ramen products supplied by the Nongshim Group

Thieves On a Plane to Hong Kong, No Snakes Ensue

So you’ve seen snakes on a plane before? How about thieves? Four mainland Chinese men, deemed

New Emission Targets in Hong Kong – Brighter Skies in Sight?

For those who have dreaded the air pollution and smog in Hong Kong, it may be