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[GIVEAWAY] OyatsuBox Japanese Snacks

Well, the holidays have now come and gone, and surely, we’ve all had a plentiful amount

OGIRI: Bringing Japanese Laughter to North America

Humour is, and always will be, a cornerstone of the internet. With sites like 9gag and

Laara Ong’s Shanghai Blues 1939 The Graphic Novel Coming to Vancouver

Recently, I came across a graphic novel that has a trailer especially created for a YouTube

[CLOSED] Winning Tickets to the Vancouver Premiere of Linsanity on November 8

Are you ready for some Linsanity?  AX3 certainly is.   We are giving away one double pass to the

5 Last to the Minute Halloween Costume DIYs

If you’re reading this post, you probably have checked this as a means to find a

North Korea’s ‘Comrade Kim Goes Flying’ Goes to the Big Screen

North Korea’s most famous film is coming to Vancouver.  Here’s the synopsis: Comrade Kim Yong Mi

[GIVEAWAY] Japanese Snack Pack Review: One Piece, Mintia, Meiji

Last month, we reviewed three yummy Japanese snacks (Pocky, Hi-Chew and Neru Neru DIY Candy Kit)

Kawaii Monthly – Cute Surprise Goodie Bag from Japan!

Hello AX3 readers! Are you ready for some Kawaii cuteness overload? Well, we’ve got the perfect