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Airplane Wednesdays: Popular Vancouver Youtuber, Linda Dong of LeendaDProductions

She shoots, directs, and acts. Oh, and does wedding photography on the side. Meet Linda Dong, known

Trendy Tuesday: Sunhatted Splendor for the Summer

Happy Canada Day everyone! While the main objectives of today are having fun and celebrating our nation’s

Mind-Blown Mondays: South Korean School Girls Have The Coolest Snack-Packs

It sucks when you can’t fit all the snacks you want into your backpack, but what if

Foodie Fridays: Watermelon Soju

The Korean answer to watermelon vodka, watermelon soju is perfect for sharing in an outdoors BBQ

Throwback Thursday & Theatric Thursday: Bringing Back Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

While driving through the woods, Chihiro and her family lose their way and discover a tunnel

Airplane Wednesdays: Charismatic TVB Actor Bosco Wong

When Bosco Wong appears on your television, you’ll know it is him when you need help

Trendy Tuesday: Summer Vacation with Tropical Prints

While we are currently experiencing a bout of wishy-washy weather, the rainy gloom should not prevent

Mind-Blown Mondays: This Chinese Artist Paints World Cup Players With a Soccer Ball

World Cup fever has gripped the world! And Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi is no exception, with