Daily Charge Posts

Trendy Tuesday: Retro-Chic Sunnies for a Contemporary Cool

In the case of many new trends, I usually dismiss them until I’ve been properly convinced

Mind-Blown Mondays: Taiwanese Artist Makes Awesome Cardboard Models

When you want to follow your passion, don’t let budgetary constraints get in your way. Like

Theatric Thursday: Delete My Lover, Delete My Boredom

Wong Cho-Lam stars opposite many of Hong Kong’s top current and former comedy geniuses, including those

Trendy Tuesday: Sip in Style with Tea Trays [Home Edition]

When it comes to those stressful days, nothing calms a body down better than a soothing

Mind-Blown Mondays: Japan’s Springtime Penis Festival

You know it would only be in Japan that they’d hold a Springtime Penis Festival. I

Theatric Thursday: The Midnight After Shows Internet Novels Can Become Movies

The Midnight After (with a humongous title, 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅van) is a 2014 Hong Kong film directed by Fruit Chan and

Airplane Wednesdays: Hot Half-Asian Celebrities – Rhydian, Ricky, and Julien

Apologies for the uncatchy title. Maybe this is better – a feast for the eyes! Anyway,

Trendy Tuesday: Get Distressed in Denim Boyfriends

When it comes to relaxed and casual style, distressed denim is the epitome of dressed-down yet