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CHARGED tunes: EXO – Overdose

#EXOComebackShowcase Sometimes I get surprised when I see any Kpop group trending worldwide. I like to

CHARGED tunes: G.E.M. Where did you go?

It’s throwback Tuesdays! (‘Cause, why not?) This week’s CHARGED tunes artist is G.E.M. (鄧紫棋), who performed at

CHARGED tunes: AJ Rafael – Matchmaker

AJ Rafael released the new music video of “Matchmaker” last week. “Matchmaker” is from the album

CHARGED tunes: Jason D. Chen – Best Friend

His username on YouTube was ‘miniachilles’, based on his favourite Greek God Achilles. Now, it’s ‘MusicNeverSleeps’. When

CHARGED tunes: Girls’ Generation – Mr. Mr.

This group doesn’t need an introduction. When their album  Mr. Mr. was released February 24th, SNSD’s

CHARGED tunes: Mayday – I Don’t Want to Let You be Alone

Dubbed as the ‘Chinese Beatles’ by The Telegraph, Mayday is Taiwan’s most popular alternative-rock band. Last

CHARGED tunes: 2NE1 – Happy

2NE1 has finally released their MV of their single, “Happy”. 2NE1 released their long-awaited album last

CHARGED tunes: Run River North – Growing Up

You cannot go wrong with Run River North. I don’t remember how I discovered them. I