CHARGED Tunes Posts

CHARGED tunes: Obedient Wives Club – Summerloove

Listen to the Obedient Wives Club to start your week with a ray of sunshine and

CHARGED tunes: Ian Chen – A Nobody and the Princess

Taiwan really surprises me sometimes. I haven’t seen a lot of Taiwanese dramas compared to Korean

CHARGED tunes: g.o.d. – The Lone Duckling

After g.o.d. (지오디) released their long-awaited comeback in May this year, they’re releasing another single to

CHARGED tunes: DANakaDAN ft. Clara C. – “Is There Anybody Out There?”

Beautiful and sad. “Is There Anybody Out There?” is inspired by Dan Matthew’s story of finding

CHARGED tunes: Awkwafina – Queef

Awkwafina has generated buzz with her self-composed raps and… well, unconventional choices of topics for her

CHARGED tunes: 24Herbs – Hot in the 852 (Plus…LMF)

Vancouver isn’t the only city that’s been on the receiving end of some steady rays from

CHARGED tunes: Fred Cheng – Challenge

You may not immediately recognize Fred Cheng’s name as a singer, but while he has been more

CHARGED tunes: Superstar K3 Yuna Kim Debuts ‘Without You Now’

Yuna Kim started out as a contestant on Superstar K3 who moved on to become a