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Who is Having Most Plastic Surgeries Worldwide?

Plastic surgery for cosmetic enhancement is becoming increasingly common, although it seems that celebrities still get

Blog Stalking Kim Jong-Il Nominated for Webby Awards

  For a little mindless entertainment, look at Kim Jong-Il, looking at things. Kim Jong-Il Looking

1 in 5 Housewives in Hong Kong is a Millionaire

According to a study done by Citibank and the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong has

Actress Lynn Chen Shares Eating Disorder Recovery on Blog

“I struggled with binge eating and anorexia for many years.” writes Lynn Chen, Taiwanese-American actress, “I binged probably

Japanese Flip Book Goes Viral, Brings Audience to Tears

 Japanese animation artist Tekken has summarized one couple’s lifelong journey in a 3-minute touching film, “Pendulum.”

Jeremy Lin Injured, Possibly Out for the Season

New York Knicks announced today that Jeremy Lin has suffered a knee injury – a meniscus

China, Korea, Singapore Turn Off Lights for Earth Hour

The lights went off last night on the Great Wall of China. At the China World

    Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui, Future Prospects? Fans Anxious

    It’s been almost a year since Hong Kong superstars Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng opened up