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Nintendo Breaks World Record For Kirby’s 20th At PAX

To celebrate the 20th anniversary for Masahiro Sakurai’s iconic pink creation, Kirby, a large group of

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There’s always that time you wonder how you’d look with longer hair, but Nguyen Van Chien

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We’ve reported on Jackie Chan’s final big action movie before, “Chinese Zodiac”, which promised some impressive

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Having to stop on the road in the middle of a journey for a toilet break

    Web-Exclusive Ad for One Piece Episode of Nami Streamed

    One Piece‘s Nami will be receiving a lot of attention this week with the upcoming release

      MAMM 2012 Finish Line

      After a pitch session and a hard 12 days of filming, the competition for the Mighty

      Mind-Blown Mondays: World’s Shortest Woman Is Adorable

      On the outside, Jyoti Amge appears to be a child barely past the age of 3,

      Chinese Farmer Rebuilds His Own Arms

      The tale of Sun Jifa is both tragic yet amazing at the same time. Sun accidentally