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Japan’s Chilly Chair Makes Horror Movies Even Scarier

Japan has stepped it up in the world of horror movies. But not in terms of

Mind-Blown Mondays: Woman Has Spider In Ear For 5 Days

A Chinese woman has probably suffered one of the most traumatic ear aches of her life.

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    It appears DreamWorks Animation (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How To Train A Dragon) will be tapping

      Fairy Tail The Movie: Maiden Of The Phoenix

      A trailer for the first anime movie of the popular manga/anime series Fairy Tail has been

      Mind-Blown Mondays: China’s Human Dominoes Sets New World Record

      With all the talk of world records being set in the Olympics, China quietly set an

        New Dragon Ball Z Film To Release March 2013

        It’s been a good 17 years since the last release of a Dragon Ball Z movie,

        Japanese Company Builds Battle Mecha Robots

        It seems that every mecha fanboy’s dreams will be taking another step to becoming reality with

        Mind-Blown Mondays: IKEA Becomes A Popular Sleeping Spot In China

        A lot of people enjoy shopping at international home products company, IKEA, which allows you to