AX3 is the multimedia outlet for global Asian pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment that bridges the gap between the East and the West. We dedicate ourselves in providing the latest Asian news and events both locally and globally; and producing quality creative media design and production services for all.

Our Mission

Connected to Asia. Curated by Asians. Created for All.

Our vision is to curate high quality content to the audience via an online magazine, print magazine, video blog and social media networks. AX3 promotes the cultivation of Asian pop culture and entertainment to establish a meaningful connection from the East to the West.

Why AX3?

AX3 aims to provide triple A standard quality content across the globe. AX3 started out from a small blog amongst friends alike, to share and discuss and stay connected to one another with Asian content. As the online webzine progressed and grew, AX3 expanded its services and evolved to become a necessary outlet to express and preserve Asian lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment.

What is AX3 Battery?

AX3 Battery, our online webzine, originates from the idea to get our readers energized with our daily quality blog posts on Asian content. We cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to: Entertainment (music, movies, dramas), Leisure (fashion, oddities), Current Events & Features (concert reviews, event coverage).

Who We Are

AX3 family is a collective of talented individuals who have a strong interest in Asian lifestyle and pop culture; each of us doing what we do best within our interests across different departments: online blogging (editorial), productions (videography & photography), design (online & print) and sales.

Our team possesses strong connection with our Asian pop culture heritage. This is our passion. We stay CHARGED and get CHARGED with AX3. And we hope that AX3 in return, POWERS you!

What is CHARGED Magazine ?

CHARGED Magazine is AX3’s very own Asian lifestyle magazine. It is a full-colour, free, print magazine in English that promotes Asian trends, current events, local restaurants and places. It also features exclusive celebrity content (local and international) for readers to enjoy and indulge.

AX3 Multimedia Inc. – Publisher

Founded in 2010

Alan Ng – Creative Director
Ernest Ho – Editorial Manager
Peter Tang – Senior Editor
Allan Cho – Editor
Alexander Leung – Editor
David Li – Editor
Trini Nguyen-Don – Editor
Janella Bunda – Editorial Contributor
Elizabeth Cheong – Editorial Contributor
Debbie Poh – Editorial Contributor
Cady Zhong – Editorial Contributor
Yukiko Kakino – Editorial Contributor
Lora Quitane – Editorial Contributor

Shun Lee – Director of Media Production
Norman Tam – Production Manager
Venus Fung – Lead Designer
Tiffany Ip – Senior Designer
Bryan Leung – Production Administrator
Edwin Chan – Production Associate
Felix Cheung – Production Associate
Johanne Chow – Production Associate
Ellick Lee – Production Associate
Peter Zhao – Production Associate
Matthew Tse – Production Host
Angela Chang – Production Host

Justin Lee – Director of Operations
Evelyn Wong – Internal Operations Manager
Irvin Ho – External Operations Manager
Carolyn Shum – Marketing Manager
Annie Chan – Operations Associate
Charmine Lau – Operations Associate