It’s literally a scene out of a movie: you open your bedroom window and godzilla’s colossal eyeball is gazing at you.

The Hotel Gracery in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district will be celebrating it’s grand opening by providing guests a very unique accommodation experience with a Godzilla theme.

Rooms will be themed with various Godzilla decorations, like a human-sized figure of the reptile or a giant Godzilla hand towering over your beds as you sleep. They’re even installing a giant Godzilla outside the hotel head poking out of the ground!

One of the two available Godzilla rooms is 39800 Yen (US $334) on weekdays and 49800 Yen ($417) on weekends and holidays. They also have the more basic Godzilla View Rooms which start at 15,000 Yen ($125) a night.

Judging from the renders of the rooms, it looks like it’d be a fun and slightly terrifying experience!

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