GEM live

The talented and beautiful G.E.M released the title track from her new album.

The lovely new single, “Long Distance”, was written and composed by G.E.M herself. Watch the MV below to really feel the emotion of the song.

It’s about time that G.E.M makes a comeback with a new album because her last album was in 2012 (Xposed). She’s also been busy last year with her G.E.M X.X.X Live World Tour in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, and Canada. Her tour doesn’t stop in those countries because she’ll continue her tour in March in Taiwan, Thailand, and USA.

She deserves all this media attention she’s recently been getting in Mainland China because she’s always been nice and engaging with her fans. Just check her Facebook page and see how open and friendly she is to her fans.

And because we here at AX3 have a soft spot for G.E.M, here’s a live performance of “Long Distance” at the 2015 Spring Festival Gala.