So tomatoes are apparently good for marathon running and help improve immunity for endurance athletes (I just learnt that from Google!) and wouldn’t you know it, there’s now a Japanese robot that tends to this.

Japanese food manufacturer, Kagome, have decided to develop a robot that feeds tomatoes to runners as they go across long distances. Because running and feeding yourself is such a hassle.

The robot fits on a person like a backpack, carries up to 7 medium sized tomatoes and feeds you at the click of a button. It also weighs 17-pounds, so maybe that’ll help your endurance training?

They also have a smaller version weighing 6-pounds and dispenses cherry tomatoes instead.

The robot however is a one-off publicity stunt and there are no plans to commercialize them. However Kagome will be handing out tomatoes to runners during the upcoming Tokyo marathon, and the robot was built to promote this.

Seeing the robot in action is kinda cool though. Check out the video below!

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