This literally is a woman in a child’s body here. Zeng Yushan apparently suffers from a medical condition that has stopped her body from growing at the age of 7.

This is all due to having a tumour on her pituitary gland causing a deficiency in growth hormones. Though there was existing treatment at the time but her parents couldn’t afford it. Her parents soon divorced and Zeng was left in the care of her father.


However her father was then diagnosed with a serious illness, which resulted in both of them begging on the streets. They travelled to various cities across China hoping to earn some cash with Zeng’s child-like appearance.

In 2013, Zeng’s father passed away from gastric cancer, leaving her alone to fend for herself. She was luckily spotted by a family of four who decided to take her in.


The family were initially unsure of her gender, as she had no hair and she was in bad shape. They soon discovered the truth behind her appearance and helped her receive the medical care she needed.

Zeng is now under the care of her new family and her biggest wish is to start school. However that seems unlikely now because of her real age. But on the up side, surgery for her to help her condition is a very likely possibility for her, with the help of her new family.

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