Japan certainly knows how to celebrate a holiday. I mean, who doesn’t love a colossal water slide?

“Slide the City” is the 300-meter water slide running through the heart of various urban locations. The slide is for the Golden Week celebration (a string of public holidays in Japan) and will begin on April 29. It will be rolled out through several cities in Japan to prepare for the Summer.

The organizers, two parties named afromance and Happiness Architect (both who have undertaken similar projects), are operating under the name Afro&Mo. They were given permission to bring Slide the City to Japan, so they have everything covered including event guidelines and safety precautions.

Pumping four litres of water a second, the slide will shoot a person through from start to finish in a matter of 30 seconds. And that just sounds pretty damn fun. Check out the video below of the slide in action!

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